Incident Management Preparedness and Coordination Toolkit

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IMPACT Live Live output from IMPACT running on a server showing latest earthquake worldwide. An email alert can be triggered based on an event (geofence).

Blast Rings Pre-blast IED evacuation and post-blast damage rings may be placed on a map with population numbers for each ring.

Backpack IED An animated backpack IED simulation can be created for use in a table-top exercise.

Active Shooter LOS A built-in wizard calculates active shooter line-of-sight overlays.

Building Evacuation An animated building evacuation simulation can be created by the user.

Plume ALOHA can produce a KML plume file that can be imported into IMPACT with population numbers enclosed.

Current Weather Weather for an area can be monitored in real-time. A geofence can be set up with email alerts. Lightning data is provided by the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) at the University of Washington.

Incident Response Custom maps can be used for incident response training.

Population Heat Map Population can be shown as a heat map for shelter placement planning.

Influenza Status Thematic maps can be created from text files.

Contagion Model A built-in contagion spread model can be used for mass gathering events.

Antenna Patterns The antenna pattern wizard uses built-in elevation data to show radio coverage based on terrain.